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Thread: How can i Add Photos to Gmail Messages

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    How can i Add Photos to Gmail Messages

    Hello Can you tell me , it is possible to Add image to post in Gmail, i want to Add images in the Gmail Messages , but dont know what is the procedure do it ,please help , Thanks in advance

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    Re: How can i Add Photos to Gmail Messages

    To customize your messages, you can attach an image to your Gmail account. Other users will see it when they pass the mouse over your name in your posts or in their contact list. It also appears as your picture in Google Talk chats.

    1. Log in to your Google Gmail account.

    2. Click Settings.

    3. In My picture section, click Select an image.

    4. The Upload a picture window appears. Click the Browse button.

    5. Select your hard drive the image you want to use. It must be in JPG, GIF or PNG. Click the Open button.

    6. Adjust the selection to crop the image on the subject to put forward. Click Apply Changes.

    7. The image associated with your account.

    8. It is displayed when one of your correspondents spent their mouse over your name in your messages.
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    Re: How can i Add Photos to Gmail Messages

    if you have a Gmail account (since you ask this question) then you need access to Google Docs. This is the same Gmail account which allows you to access it automatically, like all Google ... so it could not be simpler.

    Note: The first time you access Google Documents, do not forget to configure the interface to be in your preferred language and set your timezone

    Now open google Google Docs. When Your Google Docs tool is ready. you have to Simply import your image from your hard disk with the Import button, which is present on the page of Google Docs. After that you can Files will be uploaded then It will be part of your private collection of documents which you can copy and paste directly into your Gmail messages.

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    Re: How can i Add Photos to Gmail Messages

    Your trick works when I compose the message in gmail with picture inserted, but the problem is that when I send this mail (with inserted image), I can not see the image at the reception! In short, it works with the composition, but not at the reception (with mozilla thunderbird) What is the problem? Should we set something in thunderbird?

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