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Thread: How to downgrade back to Firefox 2 ?

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    How to downgrade back to Firefox 2 ?

    hello friends,

    Few days back, I had upgraded the version of my Firefox web browser from Firefox 2 to Firefox 3. I didn't find Firefox 3 that impressive. I think I am well comfortable using FF 2 than FF 3. I want to downgrade back to Firefox 2.

    can anybody suggest how to downgrade back to Firefox 2 ?

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    Re: How to downgrade back to Firefox 2 ?

    If you have uninstalled and removed Firefox 2 from your PC, you'll need to download it again. If you already have Firefox 2 in your PC, then no need to download.

    Uninstall Firefox 3 and Install Firefox 2 again...

    Uninstall Firefox 3 :
    You can uninstall Firefox 3 using the Control Panel >> Add/Remove programs or by running the [Firefox Installation Directory]\uninstall\helper.exe

    Install Firefox 2 :
    Now install Firefox 2 as you install any new application or program. If you already have your previous Firefox 2 in your PC, then with proper installing instructions, you can retain your bookmarks and saved passwords intact.

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    Re: How to downgrade back to Firefox 2 ?

    Follow the steps below to downgrade your Firefox to a previous version -

    • Uninstall the current version (Firefox 3) of Mozilla Firefox as per your operating system's uninstall instructions.
    • Now, with a different web browser (such as Internet Explorer or Opera), visit the Firefox Releases website.
    • Click on the version you wish to download (in your case, Firefox 2).
    • Click on the appropriate install file for your operating system.
    • Install the software.

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    Re: How to downgrade back to Firefox 2 ?

    Note the following before beginning your downgrade. The extensions you have installed in FF3 will no longer work in FF 2, in most cases. Check which all are not working and be ready to reinstall the ones that are not compatible.

    you will need to do the following -
    Create a back up of your profile directory
    Download Firefox 2
    Uninstall Firefox 3
    Install Firefox 2

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