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Thread: How to detect and block tracking cookie

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    How to detect and block tracking cookie

    Due to some strange behavior of my PC. i guess that i have some tracking cookie on my system or my browser. I am not much sure about it but i hope the behavior of my PC is the cause of this. I want to know how can i detect this tracking cookie ? And if found, how can i block them on my browser ? Please help. I am using Firefox as my default browser.

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    Re: How to detect and block tracking cookie

    Any cookie that is shared among two or more web pages for the purpose of tracking a user's surfing history is called as Tracking Cookie. You can easily detect tracking cookie in the Firefox browser. To do so, just follow this few simple steps:-

    1. Open you FireFox browser and click on Tools Option.

    2. From the Tools menu, select 'Option' at the bottom of Tools Menu.

    3. Now in the option dialog box click on the Privacy and than click on Show Cookies in the Cookies tab.

    4. In the opened window, you will see a search field at the top. Enter there and run a search. If it is there you will find it out.Thats it !!

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    Re: How to detect and block tracking cookie

    To block the tracking cookie on your browser, go to Tools than select Option than Privacy. Here in the Cookies tab you need to click on Exceptions.In the new Exceptions - Cookies window, enter in the Address of Website field and click Disable. Thats it.. Now the tracking cookie is permanently clocked on your browser.

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    Re: How to detect and block tracking cookie

    Thank you very much for the quick help friends. I think these steps will definitely help me out. I try to detect them and clear out my doubts are really on my system or not. i appreciate your help. Thanks !!

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