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Thread: Distribution list in Ms Outlooks 2007

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    Distribution list in Ms Outlooks 2007

    In my office I had recently configured Ms Outlook 2007 for emails and contacts. It is a great tool and very easy to use. Every day I had to send several mails to my vendors for tracking some sales and general information. I had heard that Outlook express has an option of distribution list. By this I can send a single mail to multiple people just selecting the group of people in the list. It is similar like mail merge option in Ms word. But the problem is I don't know to configure distribution list and use it. I need complete steps to use distribution list.

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    Re: Distribution list in Ms Outlooks 2007

    It is a collection contacts, email ids, etc of your friends, family, business, etc. It is an time saving tool. You can send a same email to multiple people just clicking the list of people. This saves you time to create a new mail for every one or forwarding. It is very easy to configure and use Distribution list in outlook 2007. At one time you can keep a maximum of 70 emails in the list. To create the list follow the instructions.
    • Go to File menu in outlook express. Click on New > Distribution list.
    • In the box type the name for the list.
    • In the distribution list tab click select members. You can now add all you contact either from address book just by clicking add new in the list window.
    • At the time of sending a mail you will need to click on the To tab and a window will pop-up
    • Select the list from that and send mails.

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    Re: Distribution list in Ms Outlooks 2007

    You can create a distribution list by copying names from an email message. Like whenever you send a message you can copy that email id in the distribution list for future reference. In this way list is being created in the due course of time. To do this, copy the email id by right clicking on it in To column. Under the Microsoft key at the top go to new and select create new outlook item. Click on distribution list. In the window go to member group and select member. At the below window right click and paste it. A new contact is now added. In this way whatever mails you received or send you can just simply copy paste it in the list.

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    Re: Distribution list in Ms Outlooks 2007

    There is an very simple way to share contacts in Ms outlook 2007. You can share your list with any one and share their list also. It is an very simple and easy process. Like you had a list of 50 people whom you want to send greeting. The same your friend wants to do. So just go to new message and click on contacts. Drag the list in the message body and send it.

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