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Thread: How to export yahoo folder in outlook

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    How to export yahoo folder in outlook

    I had lot of mails stored in my yahoo id which are related to my work. I am now switching to Outlook Express. The problem now here is that how can I get my all yahoo mails in outlook express. It is quiet an tedious job to work in both. The main reason I am switching to Outlook that it will enable me to view my mails in offline mode. So, how can I export all the folder. Is this possible that I can get all mails on outlook express. I had tried it to figure out the solution on the internet but don't got any solution. It anyone can help please reply. Thanks.

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    Re: How to export yahoo folder in outlook

    There are two ways of getting your yahoo folders on your system. First purchase an paid service from yahoo to access you mail via outlook express. It is called as pop3 and smtp support. There is a prescribed yearly fee for the service. You can get that directly on the internet. It is called as ymail. The second you can do is forward the mail as attachments. Then download the attachments on your system. This is an tough job.

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    Re: How to export yahoo folder in outlook

    Unfortunately there is no option to export your mail folders from yahoo. Only thing you can do is upgrade to yahoo mail. From yahoo mail there is an option by which you can export the mails and address books to your email client. To an extent I know it is not possible to export the contact. Or second option you can try to have an pop3 connection with yahoo. By this your mails will be downloaded directly in your outlook which you can view in offline mode also.

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    Re: How to export yahoo folder in outlook

    You can use ypops. Ypops is an free application and very easy to configure. Just download it and unzip it on the desktop. Run the application. Now go to your outlook express. If you are using for the first time then a wizard will popup for an account setup. Just go on clicking next. Ypop will configure it automatically. If not then go to tools accounts and create a new account. Set the incoming mail server to and outgoing to and click next. Give your yahoo id and password. Now restart your outlook. Your outlook express is configured now to view all your mail on your system.

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