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Thread: Need information on Wordpress Digital Plugins

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    Need information on Wordpress Digital Plugins

    I am using WordPress to write a blog. I am a new blog writer. I am aware that WordPress websites provides a multiple plugins which assist in blog writing. I need some information on WordPress digital plugins. The different types of plugins available for download. What type of plugins is capable of doing what. Which is useful me. Like instead downloading the junk can make my work slower. So, can some one suggest me some useful plugin of WordPress.

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    Re: Need information on Wordpress Digital Plugins

    WordPress is a award winning and the most popular open source blog publishing application. It is true it provides a number of digital plugins which are very useful for any blog writer. They are very easy and reliable for blogging activities. Some of more useful plugins are as follows :
    • Akismet : It is a very powerful spam filter tool. It best for security. It blocks off spam flooding in to your blog. If you installed this plugin in your WordPress then it will save your time by reducing the amount of spamming sites.
    • Google XML Sitemaps Generator : It is a search Engine Optimization tool.
    • It help to get your blog optimized by search engines and get your post indexed successfully.
    • Monitoring Tools: There are multiple plugins for monitoring the blog activities. Like for Eg. you can add a contest type of blogs in your page and then later view which one got most rated, viewed and ranked.

    Other than this you will get a multiple number of more plugins on WordPress site.

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    Re: Need information on Wordpress Digital Plugins

    WordPress is the most commonly used for blogging activity. It provides and user friendly environment to work on your blogging activities. To make your blog interesting you use some reader interaction plugins like polling WordPress plugin, survey WordPress plugin and quizzin WordPress plugin. You can catch the interest of your readers by this plugins. You can make your readers to share idea and forward comments by Show Top Commentators plugin. WordPress also provides a backup plugin for your safety in case of your data being corrupted or missed you can get it back. It is called WP backup. There is also a translation pluging in WordPress. It is a global tranlator which a quiet important tool for WordPress. It offer translation in various languages like Chinese, French, German, etc. It known as Global Translator.

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    Re: Need information on Wordpress Digital Plugins

    WordPress is offering a numerous number digital plugins. WordPress is termed as a social blogging site. Plug ins can make your blog to do almost anything you want. You can search, download, rate, comment, etc. These multifunctional plug ins are very easy to use. I am listing the best plug ins which Worpress Community Offers. You can go on the website of Wordpress and download it.
    List and features of Wordpress Plug ins :
    • Stats : Once it is installed and run it starts collecting information about your page views, post and popular pages. From where your traffic is coming and on what people click when they exit your blog.
    • Contact Form 7 : It is a form manager tool. It can manage a multiple contact forms. And also you can customize the form and mail contents.
    • Add to Any : This plug ins help the visitors to sharem save bookmark and email your posts and pages using any service like Facebook, Digg, etc around more the 100 social bookmarking and sharing sites. It comes with a customizable smart menu.
    • Advertising Manager : This plugin will mangaer your Google Adesense and other ads on your blog. It automatically identifies many ad networks like AdBrite, dBrite, Adify, AdGridWork, Adpinion, Adroll, Chitika, Commission Junction, CrispAds, OpenX, ShoppingAds, Yahoo!PN, etc.

    Other than this there are more than 300 plugins on the WordPress site. You can browse and look out for your plugins as per your need.

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