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Thread: How to delete Gmail messages using IMAP in Outlook

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    How to delete Gmail messages using IMAP in Outlook

    I checked my mails using Outlook 2003 with IMAP and in the office i use POP3 to save all my messages.And most of the time I need to travel from the office work therefore on my Nokia E71 i use the mail client to configure with cellphone's IMAP client.

    I am facing problem in deleting gmail messages, when i tried to delete message from within Outlook, it automatically deletes the mail.And when I delete mail on my other mail providers within Outlook, I see a strikethrough.

    Can anyone explain why GMail behaviour changes so differently than all other IMAP connectivity when it comes to mail delete?

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    Re: How to delete Gmail messages using IMAP in Outlook

    Select the message which you want to 'Move to Trash' delete action, and set the trash folder name as follows.

    You need to sure which server number TB assigned to your Gmail account. Then open the Config Editor from the Advanced preferences page.

    You need to Enter hostname in the filter box, Look for the entry with or
    Note the number in mail.server.server#.hostname.

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    Re: How to delete Gmail messages using IMAP in Outlook

    When i consult with the my senior regarding deleting messages they suggested that whenever we delete a message with gmail via IMAP it just removes the label from the message corresponding to the IMAP folder the message is in. It will still display in other labels that message is in like "All Mail".Eventhough we delete the message it remains in the trash folder for the second security purpose. To completely delete a message you have to move it to the [Gmail]/Trash folder (which removes all labels) and delete it from the [Gmail]/Trash folder (actually deletes the message).

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    Re: How to delete Gmail messages using IMAP in Outlook

    Thanks for your reply, I do understand about my problem, I thought once I delete the message it goes from the memory of the mail messages, but now i understand how it actually works.

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