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Thread: Forward Messages to Gmail

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    Forward Messages to Gmail

    I have two gmail accounts and I want to forward all my messages from one gmail account to another. So what are the procedures to forward it into another gmail account? Please help me. Thank you

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    Re: Forward Messages to Gmail

    Directly from google support site:

    To forward an individual message:
    1. Open the appropriate conversation and select the message to forward.
    2. Click Forward from the bottom of the message card.
    3. Enter the email address(es) to which the email should be forwarded, and add any notes in the message field. If the message has attachments, you can choose not to forward them by deselecting the checkbox next to the filename below the Subject field.
    4. Click Send.

    To forward an entire conversation:
    1. Open the appropriate conversation.
    2. Click Forward all from the right side of the Conversation View.
    3. Forwarding an entire conversation will add all messages from a conversation into a single message. Each message will be clearly marked, and will be listed in order from oldest to most recent.

    To forward an inline image:
    1. Open the message you'd like to forward.
    2. Click Forward along the bottom of the message.
    3. Click Rich formatting >> above the text field of the message you're forwarding.
    4. Click Send.

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    Re: Forward Messages to Gmail

    Click the down arrow next to the reply button for a menu that includes a Forward option. It is pretty simple.

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