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Thread: Internet takes forever to start

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    Internet takes forever to start

    Everytime I reboot the computer, internet explorer or any other program that uses the internet takes about 2 minutes to start connecting to the internet. The My CPU Processing LED does not even light up and the hourglass does not appear. 10 seconds later IE opens up and the webpage downloads normally so I know I don't have a connection problem. Could any one of you help me out in this case please

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    Re: Internet takes forever to start

    It might be the registry problem because these are often a leading cause of Internet Explorer errors. It is highly recommended that you scan your PC.Or try this:- Go to network connections, advanced,advanced and set the correct order, also disable any unused connection adapters in device manager and reboot.Also clear internet tempfiles and check for spyware etc using malwarebytes.Delete any un-used connections, and disable any physically unused ones.

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    Re: Internet takes forever to start

    Try IE Repair Tool.It will help you in:
    • Prevents Internet Explorer Crashing and Freezing.
    • Manage/Cleanup Startup Programs.
    • Checks Invalid Shared known DLL's.
    • Speeds Up PC Performance by Over 100%!
    • Updates Several Out-of-Date Windows Drivers

    Or switch your browser to another one like Firefox, Safari for Windows, Avant, AOL Explorer, ect.P.S. Firefox is know for taking your internet connection
    immediatly causing you not to wait for the internet to load
    up. Or disable add-ons of your browser. This can help you as well

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    Re: Internet takes forever to start

    "Temporary internet files" are tiny bits of webpages that get permanently put on your hard-drive. They will remain forever on your computer, gradually plugging it up like hair stuck in a sink drain, until you finally get rid of them once and for all.

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