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Thread: Wordpress traffic plugin

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    Wordpress traffic plugin

    hi wordpress is another active online platform and currently i am looking on it well here i am looking for its traffic plugin which can keep track of the visitors to my Wordpress blog, which search keywords that lead to my blog, which posts is most popular and blog traffic statistic please provide such package if any one have ..
    thank you

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    Wordpress traffic plugin, Increase Sociability

    There is one way to traffic is Increase Sociability The best way to increase your traffic from and is to get more votes. Often you may have a great blog post, and people do visit via these websites. By providing a call to action. This call to action will greatly improve the number of positive votes you will get, and hence in the end you will get more traffic.

    What is new in this version ?
    In Version 1.3, there is the option to specify a your own site. And you can send these visitors a certain message also. Also there is a new test mode !

    How to install the plugin:

    1. Upload increase-sociability.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    2. Go to your WordPress control panel, and visit the Plugin tab.
    3. Enable the plugin called Increased Sociability
    4. Go to the Options tab, and select the sub tab Increased Sociability
    5. Here you can tweak the plugin, but there enough data present to get you started.

    Download from here

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    Wordpress Traffic Plugin Suite

    the WordPress plugins contain 'Poster Pro' and 'Socialize-it Pro' of the suite automatically publish blog content in advance and notify social bookmarking sites.

    Poster Pro

    Poster Pro will do the following.

    • - You tell it the articles you want to publish and when. Then just press a button and watch it go to work!
    • Plus, each post is put into the category you specify,
    • ...and automatically tagged with keywords relevant to your article so that the search engines and directories can eagerly seek out and gobble up your newly posted content!
    • You can even tell Poster Pro how often to post and how many blog postings to publish at once!
    • - No one will ever know you're not doing all the work by yourself!
    • Thanks to our 'mass import' feature, you can easily line up articles in the queue to be published
    • You can manage queued articles (edit, delete)
    • You can manually post queued articles with the click of a button without waiting for the scheduled date to be reached.
    • All posted articles are stored and removed from the queue for ease of use."

    • Socialize-It Pro

    • - You can use Socialize-It Pro together with Poster Pro and automatically submit your blog posts to up to 30 different Social Bookmarking sites.
    • to help prevent spamming, Socialize-It Pro will only contact a random sampling of those sites for each article.
    • Socialize-It Pro will even generate a report for you of all the sites that it successfully submitted to.
    • You can even use Socialize-It as a standalone Wordpress plugin."


    The price of Wordpress Traffic Plugin Suite is: $97

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    StatTraq for WordPress : traffic plugin

    StatTraq is solution for you

    It provides detailed statistics in a nice graphical format. The plugin tracks public activity of WordPress and reports:

    * Hits
    * Number of Unique PHP sessions
    * Page Views
    * IP Addresses
    * Browser
    * Referrer
    * Search Terms from major search engines
    * Bar graphs generated for some of the reports


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