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Thread: Need email backup software for Gmail

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    Need email backup software for Gmail


    I have created an Gmail account 2 years back and now there are thousands of emails in my account. I had suscribed to few job sites and most of the emails are received from them. I don't want to loose any of these important emails. Hence, I am looking for an application or a software that will backup all my emails in Gmail account ?

    Any ideas....

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    Re: Need email backup software for Gmail

    There's an email backup software exclusively developed for Gmail and Google Applications users. It's called Gmail Keeper....

    Some of the unique features includes:
    # Backup & restore all folders including Inbox, Sent Mail, All Mail, Starred & Drafts.
    # Backup & restore not only emails but also labels associated with each email.
    # Schedule to run backup automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
    # Move/transfer emails & labels between any Gmail or Apps accounts
    # Your can open backup archives with Outlook Express, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.
    # High encryption is applied to protect the backup data and Internet connection to Gmail server.
    # Easy to use, lightweight and fast.

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    Re: Need email backup software for Gmail

    Gmail Backup is a free application that backups and restores your Gmail email account. It backups all the emails in your account along with the attachments and also preserves the labels.

    Download and install it. It's very simple to implement, you just need to enter your gmail username and password for it to recover all the emails.
    Before that you need to enable IMAP access in your gmail account to backup emails using Gmail Backup.

    Follow this,
    - Go to Settings > Forwarding > POP/IMAP > enable IMAP access.
    - Enter the username and password > specify the directory to store the backed up emails.
    - Click backup.

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