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Thread: Enjoy tab browsing with FoxTab in FireFox

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    Enjoy tab browsing with FoxTab in FireFox

    FoxTab brings innovative and attractive 3D tab management to Firefox. With its 5 fascinating eye candy layouts, it takes the tabbed-browsing experience to a new level. FoxTab enables grouping, filtering, closing and switching between tabs quickly and easily. Dealing with too many opened tabs takes lot of time and is infuriating experience for Firefox users. So with FoxTab you can enhance the web surfing experience with better tab management.

    FoxTab is configurable, so you can easily tweek and adjust it to fit
    your personal preferences under Advanced Details.Once FoxTab added to the browser, a few quick clicks on simple keyboard shortcut keys will change the tabs into a fascinating 3D thumbnail view layout. To view a particular tab, users just need to select the thumbnail and clicking on it.

    There are 5 fascinating eye candy layouts which you can choose from:-
    • Stack
      Thumbnails are 3D-stacked one behind the other.
    • Wall
      Thumbnails are displayed on a concaved virtual 3D wall.
    • Grid
      Thumbnails are aligned on a grid.
    • Row
      Thumbnails are arranged horizontally.
    • Carousel
      Thumbnails are placed and accessed circularly

    FoxTab was designed to make 3D tabbed-browsing as easy as possible.
    So when there are few tabs, using Ctrl + Tab (or Ctrl + [custom key]) will trigger FoxTab in Flip mode.On the other hand, when there are plenty of tabs opened, you would probably prefer to launch FoxTab in Interactive mode,
    which will provide you with a fully featured panel with many useful options.

    Download FoxTab

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    Re: Enjoy tab browsing with FoxTab in FireFox

    Just press Ctrl-Q to launch FoxTab. If you like to switch tab agilely, simply hold down the Ctrl Key and press Tab in order to switch between the opened tabs in your browser.The working concept is a bit similar to Windows Vista’s Flip 3D or OS X’s Cover Flow.

    FoxTab automatically groups all pages originated from a common domain.
    So if you got too many opened tabs, which happened to originated from a small group of sites,then you can locate a tab by selecting a site group and only then select your desired page.In addition, you can filter the visible tabs by entering keywords matching a pages title, domain or URL of the tab you're looking for.

    • Full Screen mode
    • Hide duplicates
    • Arrange tabs by recently used order
    • Display thumbnails in Landscape and Portrait orientation
    • Groups: Display only tabs originated from a certain domain

    OS supports:

    • Windows XP
    • Windows Vista
    • Mac OS X Leopard
    • Linux (Ubuntu 8.03 & 8.04 , Mandriva 2008 & 2009)

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    Re: Enjoy tab browsing with FoxTab in FireFox

    Wow,, its really very interesting add-on this time from Mozilla. But i don't think that this is very practical for those who don't like using a lot of tabs.

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    Re: Enjoy tab browsing with FoxTab in FireFox

    In the Shortcuts section you can define different keys for launching FoxTab, and also set a suspension time parameter.The suspension time parameter means that if you press and release the keys within it's defined period,
    a tab switching is performed while the FoxTab itself remains idle.

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    Re: Enjoy tab browsing with FoxTab in FireFox

    A nice 3D tab effect for firefox users.
    I Liked it. Hope u guys tooo.

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