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Thread: How to Backup Bookmarks in Opera

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    How to Backup Bookmarks in Opera

    I am working for an organization where i have to work on internet. So i use Opera as my default browser and having lots of bookmarks on it. Well i know thr backup process of IE and Firefox but don't know about Opera which i need must.

    So could you guys let me know how to backup the book marks in Opera ?

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    Re: How to Backup Bookmarks in Opera

    Well backing up bookmarks in Opera is very simple. Just go through this steps:-

    1. Go to Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks Option.

    2. A new tab will be opened showing you the bookmarks in Opera. In the new window from the File menu select Export as HTML or Export Opera Bookmarks option.

    3. A new save dialog should be shown to you from where you can save the file and use it to restore your bookmarks at a later date.

    Thats it... Backing up your bookmarks is quite easy and you can easily do it by yourself without the need for any external tools. Your bookmarks may contain lots of important links which you may have collected over time and losing them could undo quite a lot of work.

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    Re: How to Backup Bookmarks in Opera

    Open the Bookmarks menu in Opera and choose Manage Bookmarks. Next, open File in the toolbar and choose Open. In the dialog box that appears after you choose Open, you will see the Opera6.adr file. Highlight it and click Open, and your Bookmarks should appear.

    If this option does not work, Opera suggests reimporting your Bookmarks—from itself, oddly enough. You’ll need to access the same file as above, but through a slightly different route. From the File menu in Bookmarks, choose Import Opera Bookmarks and then open the Defaults folder. You’ll see the Opera6.adr file; highlight it and click Open.

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    Re: How to Backup Bookmarks in Opera

    The file "opera6.ini" (see Help > About Opera for the correct location) contains your general Opera settings, such as cache and plug-in information. It is not recommended that you copy this file from a computer to another, as it contains a lot of paths that may be specific to your computer.

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    Go to "Menu/Settings/Import and Export".
    Click on "Export Opera Bookmarks".
    Your My Documents folder will open up.
    Type a name for your file - I used "Opera Bookmarks 20101010" - that way you can recognize the newest file and delete the oldest.

    To import you take the same steps but click on "Import Opera Bookmarks".
    This will again open your "My Documents" folder. Select which backed-up file you want and Click "Open".

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