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Thread: Want to install IE 8.....suggest

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    Want to install IE 8.....suggest

    hie friends,

    I need the help from you guys....I am looking up to upgrade my web browser from IE 7 to its latest version IE 8. I have no idea about IE 8, what new features they have built in ? Are they impressive or not ? Can some of you suggest me whether I should go for the latest version(IE8) or the previous version(IE7) is fine ?

    thanks in advance....

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    Re: Want to install IE 8.....suggest

    I wanted to let you know that the Internet Explorer 8 Beta that is bundled with Windows 7 is actually a different version than the latest edition of the browser (IE 8 RC1) that Vista and XP users can currently download.

    The Internet Explorer included with Windows 7 is actually IE8 Beta 2 plus end user features that are only available on Windows 7, plus many fixes based on feedback the IE8 Development Team got from other IE8 Beta 2 usage. Eastender, are you having issues with a Vista or XP version of IE8, or the Windows 7 version?

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    Re: Want to install IE 8.....suggest

    There were many new and impressive features out when IE 7 was introduced. Internet Explorer 8 is similar to Internet Explorer 7 in most of these features. However, what's new in IE 8 as compared to IE 7 is that you can view any site with ease...Now you can quickly display websites that were designed for older browsers. If you’re looking at a page and the text or images aren’t lined up right, just use the new Compatibility View button next to the Refresh button on the Address Bar.

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    Re: Want to install IE 8.....suggest

    Both of them are good. However, if you have Windows 7 installed or are going to install in near future, then i suggest you for installing IE 8, otherwise IE 7 is fine...

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