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Thread: Santrex Services Review , It is good ?

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    Santrex Services Review , It is good ?

    Hello , I Was Recommend the Services of Santrex for Proxy hosting and SeedBoxes by a Friend on the INTERNET , Can you Please Give Your Personal Suggestion and Review about Internet Services of Santrex or Give Links to any other site Where can i Get the Feedback of Santrex user Thanks in Advance

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    Re: Santrex Services Review , It is good ?

    Hello , Well I dont Much about them But I got this Cool Collection of Review from Filesharingtalk site hope it would help you in making up mind

    Hey, hows it going. I currently use Santrex as one of my seedboxes and they provide good customer service and decent speeds. They have decent speeds, depending on which location you pick and how many users there are. I would recommend them overall, and you can use the promo code "nordic" without the quotes for an additional 10% off. I would recommend over them though as they have better speeds and vnc access.

    I can't help but feel the same way. We are in their irc asking for a refund and support. They are complete shit, here is my review:

    1. Santrex

    Review: Signed up for uTorrent in US, got a box in France. Download speeds was complete crap at less than 1mb/s and upload never reaching more than 50kbp/s. Their support "team" is terrible and not afraid to insult their users and make them look like complete idiots. They blame poor speeds on routing and poor trackers. Well, I guess TL, What, RevTT, PTN, and SCC are complete s*** trackers ? My home connection is faster and more reliable than this hosting provider. After complaining about speeds, I was moved to a Torrentflux box. The admin was all over me asking if it was ok and would not leave me alone. Transfers die, slow speeds, and stuck transfers were just a few of the problems.

    Recommended: No, stay away. Their support is a joke, it is virtually non-resistant. Terrible speeds, service, reliability.

    Rating: 1/10

    Review: I signed up because they were one of the cheapest providers with unlimited bandwidth. Well i soon learned that unlimited bandwidth does not help you if the box cannot top 700 kbps up and 3 mb/s down. In reality this box is more like having a 2nd home connection or just a leechbox.

    Recommended: Hell no, stay far away, they also have the worst customer service ever, where they just ignore you when you are in their irc channel.

    Rating: 1/10

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    Re: Santrex Services Review , It is good ?

    Hello , Everybody has mixed Views about it i found this one Sensonize Site

    Santrex Hosting - They have EVERYTHING!
    I mean it! - VPS, VDS, IrC, Shared, Shoutcast, Dedicated, Proxy, TorrentFlux - You just name the type of hosting you want and they have it! This is one of the BEST Hosting I have ever used!

    My Ratings:
    Signing Up: 9/10 (Had a bit problems with getting their email since I use Yahoo)
    Uptime: 10/10 - Never been down.. Not even a second!
    Support: 9.5/10 - Fast and Helpful! (Answered my ticket in 1 hour)
    Space: 10/10 - 10 GB Space for $3 - Worth the buck man !
    Speeds: 10/10 - Speechless! Was getting about 5,000 kb/s with 100 MBPS Shared Line! (I used Rapidleech to test it)
    Overall: 9.8/10 (Never the less.. They are a perfect host!)

    It comes with regular cPanel 11 and Fantastico. What I like the most about this host that it allows you to host UNLIMITED domains with 10 GB Space and U/L Bandwidth just for $3!! That was just AMAZING!
    I’m hosted with them for almost 6 months now and I will continue, It has been a FANTASTIC experience with Santrex Hosting

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    Re: Santrex Services Review , It is good ?

    I personally had a horrible experience with santrex. Horribly long waits with tech support. I had a server completely lose all of its data more than 3 different times in less than a month, simply for them to not even apologize or offer anything in return. I wish I had researched them first, just by itself has tons of horror stories that would make you think twice

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    Re: Santrex Services Review , It is good ?

    This is one of the worst offshore hosting. I have a uptime service, when my site is down i can see in the logs, in only 5 days, my website was down 12 hrs. The support is terrible, when i report my website is down they reply this 5 hrs later to the report : “The service is ok from here” .
    So, if you dont want lose your money, dont go with them, they are a scam, and dont trust in the guys who say the customer support is good, they have very bad support and the service is terrible.

    If you prefer them because the price, dont be a fool like me, you are wasting your money, because the service dont exist.

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    Re: Santrex Services Review , It is good ?

    I found this post through Google so I thought it was pertinent that I share my experience and bump this thread for future googlers.

    I have had a similar experience as the previous posters. Santrex is truly and honestly the worst provider there is that I've experienced and anybody would be hard-pressed to find somebody worse. Constant downtime, if not for a few minutes an hour or a few hours a day, sometimes downtime is weeks at a time; constant, recurring loss of ALL your data; poor customer support that is completely indifferent and slow to respond; worst of all, their 'TOS' states they do not offer refunds, and no matter how terrible the service is, once they have your money you will never see it again because if they were to refund you they claim they would be going against their 'TOS' (a clever way of thievery). I do not use that term lightly either, Santrex = thieves, plain and simple. You pay for a service and receive only aggravation in return and are unable to recoup your losses is the equivalent of thievery. I've dealt with them for a year so this is not a brief experience on my part, I lost in excess of $160 to them. Don't make the same mistake I and many others have done, their low prices will often sucker you in, and then they offer discounts for paying in advance since you will never see your money again no matter how awful the service is, they want to offer every incentive possible to get as much money upfront as possible. Pay a little more for a reputable provider, it's not as if you will get anything in return with Santrex anyway. I can't possibly stress enough how horrible my experience has been with them, but if I can spare one person the same agony and frustration then this post will have been worth my time.

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