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Thread: Computer freezes up while using Firefox 3.0.8

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    angry Computer freezes up while using Firefox 3.0.8

    Hello Everybody,

    Recently i had updated my web browser to Firefox 3.0.8. The problem is that after updating whenever i try to open any web page it get freeze up and when i try to open my task manager in order to close down my browser, my entire computer gets freeze up. I don't know but i had to power off my pc, in order to continue working on my system. Had any one had such type of problem on their pc? Kindly help me out to resolve the above problem? Any kind of help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Computer freezes up while using Firefox 3.0.8

    I'm running Firefox 3.0.7 on two different XP machines. I get a consistent hanging issue. First, the browser freezes after starting it up. It can take as many as several minutes before the browser responds. The CPU usage shoots up. The rest of the computer works fine. Second, periodically while using it, it'll hang for 30-60 seconds. Again, CPU usage shoots up while other apps work fine. This happens on both computers, and does it in safe mode with all extensions and add-ons disabled. One of the computers is brand new and so it was a clean install and it still does it.

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    Re: Computer freezes up while using Firefox 3.0.8

    Please download GooredFix by jpshortstuff and save it to your Desktop.

    • Double-click Goored.exe to run it.
    • A DOS like window will open.
    • Select option 2. Fix Goored by typing 2 and pressing Enter.
    • Make sure all instances of Firefox are closed at this point.
    • Type y at the prompt and press Enter again.
    • Notepad will open with a log called Goored.txt.
    • Please post the contents of Goored.txt in your next reply (a copy of the log will also be saved to your desktop).

    Note: If you receive a message saying that GooredFix needs your system to be restarted, please close all applications and reboot your system. If using other security programs that detect registry changes (i.e. Spybot's Teatimer), they may interfere or alert you when using GooredFix. Please temporarily disable such programs or permit them to allow the changes.

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    Re: Computer freezes up while using Firefox 3.0.8

    You have a compatibility problem with one of the Add ons. Try disabling the add ons one at a time, then see how your browser responds after. I had a similar problem with my Mail Notifier . A great add on, but played hell with my browser on many occasions i.e freezing up. Had no choice but to uninstall it. On my friends computer it works great.

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