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Thread: Opera 10 add "face gesture"

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    Opera 10 add "face gesture"

    Opera Labs today introduced the Opera "face gestures" feature, Opera 5.1 from the introduction of "mouse gestures" after eight years later, Opera said in Opera 10 Alpha in the functional integration of a new "face gestures" and "Mouse Gestures "Like, this feature will help users streamline the operation of your browser.

    Only equipped with a camera, users can use the "expression of gesture" function through the blink of an eye, shook his head and so achieve a variety of motion browser operation, Opera official said, "Opera 10 Alpha download can experience the function, the user can press the F8 Start 'expressions gestures' feature, Opera at the completion of the initial calibration of facial expression will be out after the' beep 'tone, in the' face gesture 'function calibration Please do not close our eyes, shook his head, or make any changes in expression. "

    Opera "face gestures" features will include 45 kinds of operation, almost cover all common mouse operations, currently only includes the following 11 kinds of operations, such as open a new Tab, move back, flip up and down, switch the page, the page zoom.

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    Re: Opera 10 add "face gesture"

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    Re: Opera 10 add "face gesture"

    Opera Face Gestures include some 45 controls, from opening new tabs to restoring sessions to navigating through a web page. Using Face Gestures you should be able to compose and send an email message through Opera’s built-in email client. Even mouse gestures can be triggered with Opera Face Gestures. To activate Opera Face Gestures users need only press the single-key shortcut F8.

    For more information and a descriptive video on using Opera Face Gestures, including a list of known gestures, visit

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    Re: Opera 10 add "face gesture"

    Opera Face Gestures enables users to control their browser moving only their face. Based on the same architecture as Opera’s Mouse Gestures, Face Gestures is supposed to make surfing the web as easy as smiling, batting an eye lash or flaring a nostril.ohh that is somthing new thing but how its really work perfectly ...i dont know..!!

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