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Thread: How to do hyperlink????

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    How to do hyperlink????

    Can anyone help me with the hyperlink part......!

    I was knowing how to do but i haved forgot.........!

    Please Help!

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    Re: How to do hyperlink????

    Here is an example of a Hyperlink:

    <a href="">MY WEB SITE</a>

    All you would see on the page are the words: MY WEB SITE and when clicked will take you to google

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    Re: How to do hyperlink????

    So why, has what you have typed above not come up as an hyperlink?
    What do you omit ?

    a href="">MY WEB SITE</a

    trying without the brackets.

    a href=""MY WEB SITE/a

    <a href="">MY WEB SITE</a

    What am i doing wrong?

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    Re: How to do hyperlink????

    Its not working bcoz its not pulished it in that way.........!

    Do one think open a notepad & follow the following steps written in QUOTE......:

    1. SOLUTION:
    ............................ // (type your name/your website name here)
    <a href="">MY WEB SITE</a>

    NOTE: now follow the following things...: Save this document to desktop with the name u want following with ".html" & then close the document ......
    You will see thatit has created an browser icon on that file.
    Now open the following document by directly opening it with double clicking on it....!
    Now you will be correctly looking what you wanted !

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