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Thread: Problems of Sending/Receiving with IncrediMail

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    Problems of Sending/Receiving with IncrediMail

    Hello to all. I have problems of receiving and sending my messages. Although I have explained my problem, and chat to a horrible "technician" (horrible as rude, but hey, we take the usual!) who told me not to deal with products not sold by Free . I wrote to the technical assistance of IncrediMail, but how will I receive their answer? Please note that there have been some connection problems (a few seconds) on a lot of pages! If you have an idea (or several), please Tell me thanks in Advance

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    Re: Problems of Sending/Receiving with IncrediMail

    If you are unable to send or receive your email, please reconfigure your account, to verify that all your email account settings, including your email account username and password, are correct. To do so, follow these steps:

    1. Double-click the IncrediMail Desktop icon to open IncrediMail. In the IncrediMail main window, select the 'Tools' menu and click 'Accounts...' to open the 'Mail Accounts' dialog.
    2. Select your email account and click 'Remove'.
    3. Click 'Add', and either import your email account from another email client (such as Outlook Express) or fill in your account details manually.

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    Re: Problems of Sending/Receiving with IncrediMail

    If you encounter a problem when sending or receiving your email, and make sure that your firewall is correctly configured with IncrediMail.Software firewalls are computer security applications that protect your computer by preventing unwanted intrusion from and to the Internet. If you have a firewall installed on your computer, you need to add the IncrediMail executable files to your firewall's 'Allowed Application' list, so that you are able to send and receive email with IncrediMail.

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    Re: Problems of Sending/Receiving with IncrediMail

    if you Do not know how to allow firewall access to incredimails Go to your firewall settings, and find the list of all the programs the firewall has detected.

    1. To enable IncrediMail to work with your firewall, allow the following IncrediMail files full access to the Internet:

      • IMApp.exe
      • ImNotfy.exe
      • IncMail.exe
      • ImpCnt.exe
    2. Your firewall is now correctly configured and you can continue to use your IncrediMail.

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