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Thread: Start Internet Explorer in Kiosk mode

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    Start Internet Explorer in Kiosk mode

    You can start Microsoft's Internet Explore in kiosk mode where IE runs in Full Screen mode and the IE title bar, menus, toolbars, and status bar are not displayed. You can switch to other running programs by pressing ALT+TAB or Ctrl+ALT+DEL. To access the desktop, you would have to exit Internet Explorer. To start IE in kiosk mode:

    1.Start by right-clicking an empty area on the desktop.

    2.Select New>>Shortcut.

    3.In the box, enter "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE" -k.

    4.Name it IE Kiosk.

    5.Of course, there are no navigation buttons. So you have to substitute keystrokes.

    For instance,
    there is no Back button. But you can use the Backspace key.
    There's no Forward button, either. So you use Alt+Right Arrow.
    And to close the window? Click Ctrl+W.

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    Re: Start Internet Explorer in Kiosk mode

    In this view, there is nothing at the top, and nothing at the bottom.
    No toolbars, no taskbar. Nothing.

    Well, you can set that up automatically. You can use the current icon, or create a new one. I recommend the latter, so you're not locked into Kiosk mode.

    The URL can be any valid. Kiosk mode is even invocable using embedded javascript.

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    Re: Start Internet Explorer in Kiosk mode

    The keyboard shortcuts for IE in kiosk mode are:

    • Ctrl+A Select all (editing)
    • Ctrl+B Organize favorites
    • Ctrl+C Copy (editing)
    • Ctrl+F Find (on current page)
    • Ctrl+H View History folder
    • Ctrl+L Open Location dialog box
    • Ctrl+N New window (opens in non-Kiosk mode)
    • Ctrl+O Open Location dialog box (same as Ctrl+L)
    • Ctrl+P Print
    • Ctrl+R Refresh
    • Ctrl+S Save
    • Ctrl+V Paste (editing)
    • Ctrl+W Close (same as ALT+F4)
    • Ctrl+X Cut (editing)
    • ALT+F4 Close
    • ALT+RIGHT ARROW Forward
    • ESC Stop
    • F5 Refresh

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    Re: Start Internet Explorer in Kiosk mode

    Nice tutorial.. i would like to try it once...

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