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Thread: Customize my channel on youtube

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    Customize my channel on youtube


    I want to customize my youtube channel, but i don't know how to do it . i saw my friend doing that, where he had alot of other channels on his
    channel where it said "my favorite channels" it had there discription and picture and stuff seen people customizing their channels. i also want to do something like that

    Thank you
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    Re: Customize my channel on youtube

    Here’s what a YouTube channel looks like with and without customization.

    1. Log into your YouTube account. Click the yellow “Edit Channel” button.

    2. Set up your channel information - website URL, profile picture (88×88) and description.

    3. Within Channel Design scroll down to Advanced Design Customization. Set background, link and border colors. If it means nothing to you, click on the blue pick link to choose your colors. You can hide features like the video log by unchecking the box.

    4. Now the fun part - just under the Advanced Design Customization heading, YouTube allows you to BROWSE to your background image. Just save out one of the free YouTube backgrounds below into a folder on your system, then click browse and locate the file.

    5. Click update channel.

    You can see my background here. I made my file 2000 pixels wide by 2000 pixels tall. Make sure your background is NOT SET TO REPEAT in the channel design settings. Just uncheck the box! Otherwise it does not align correctly. This is how it looks on my YouTube channel. Try adding in some banners, like this one I designed for Closet Control.

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    Re: Customize my channel on youtube

    1.Go to your profile (

    2. Click on the "Edit Channel" button next to your name "Your_Username's channel"

    3. On the next page you can change settings for "channel info", "channel design" and you can "organize videos"

    4. When you've finished click "Update Channel" button.
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    Re: Customize my channel on youtube

    The only options you will find will be under "Manage My Channel" on your account page:
    There you can add an image url as your background on the "Channel Design" page:
    And you can pick an image thumbnail on the "Personal Profile" page:

    Beyond those normal choices you cannot. There are no hacks to change your page. Only YouTube Partners get a few perks like banners and autoplay on their channels, but there is no way to "customize a youtube channel beyond the default options it lets you choose" on a regular (this incl director/musician/guru etc) account.

    If you see anyone with a 'customized' channel, you will also find them on this list:
    Channels: Partners: Alphabetical

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