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Thread: IE7 Installation fails

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    IE7 Installation fails


    I just had installed a new legal alcohol GB Win XP Home on my X40 laptop. Now I have started to install the updates which is fine - but take oceans of time.

    My problem arises when I need to install Internet Explorer 7. On what to download, install it and write "success" in a micro-seconds after which the installation window gives me an error message that the community has failed.

    I have tried 3 times now to install IE7, but with the same result. It is 99.9% finished with the installation and also with a partial result for almost all late - then quickly pops to the installation status which says it has failed.

    What's the heck do I do now?
    Why Windows can not even figure out to update itself? Even with very ordinary things. I've recently done the same update of IE6 and 7.

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    Re: IE7 Installation fails

    You can download the SP3 here, you need not worry that there are IT engineers and developers.
    There are almost all updates and IE 7 can be securely downloaded afterwards.

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    Re: IE7 Installation fails

    In the update to v7 Windows Update has created a problem in more than Win XP machines. Many XP machines try to use the old v6 of the website.

    Symptoms: Shortly after the computer is started yesterday the apparent cold for a long time. Svchost may use 100% of CPU. Windows will not respond to right click and it is difficult to get task manager up.

    Start by typing services.msc, and then stop the service Automatic Updates. This should allow time to run the following fixes.

    Start by updating the Windows Update agent. This can be done by downloading it from here:
    Close all browsers while the update is run.
    If there comes an error message that the file is already installed, try installing it with wuforce switch: WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86.exe / wuforce

    Run then the hotfix that solves a problem in msi.dll:

    If the problem then do the following:
    Stop the automatic updates, but does not disable the service.
    Go to C: \ WINDOWS \ SoftwareDistribution \ Download and delete the contents of the folder. Go also to C: \ WINDOWS \ SoftwareDistribution \ Datastore and delete the file DataStore.edb (this deletes windows update history).
    Try Windows Update.

    If it still does not work, stop automatic updates service again and rename the folder SoftwareDistribution to SoftwareDistribution.old. Windows would rebuild it automatically on next visit to Windows Update

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