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Thread: How do i get back my Help icon in Windows 7

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    idea How do i get back my Help icon in Windows 7

    Hey Folks,

    Recently i have installed Windows 7 on my system. I can not find "Help Icon" on my internet explorer as well as on my desktop. Does any one have any idea how can i get back my Help icon? Any help on this would be appreciated.


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    Re: How do i get back my Help icon in Windows 7

    I have this problem many times. Did your CPU screen have 2 wire? 1 blue and 1 white. Remove the white and it will be restored. Or you just plugged your CPU into another screen and it will show your desktop icon and start menu. After that, you just plugged back into your screen and there it is! its back to normal.

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    Re: How do i get back my Help icon in Windows 7

    here are two places where you can manage the presence or absence of UPnP in Windows.

    First, Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs, select Add/Remove Windows Components (on the left), then click on “Networking Services” and “Details”. You will see “UPnP User Interface” listed. (this seems to be the setting that is relevant to this issue).

    The second place is in the Windows Firewall, in the Exceptions Tab (you must first have allowed Exceptions in the general tab).

    I have no idea why there is an interaction between UPnP and the icons in the system tray, but when I removed UPnP from Control Panel Add/Remove Windows Components, on my system the problem disappeared.

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