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Thread: Some Proxy sites are Required

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    Some Proxy sites are Required

    hi guy's

    I am facing a big problem in my office. Does anyone here knows some proxy sites that could be helpful for me and my office people? Because of some restrictions in accessing the internet in our office work setup; Few sites like forums are also blocked due to that restricition. Do you know some proxy sites that could be useful for me and my colleagues?

    for eg is a proxy website but it is also blocked in our office.

    Please help me and my colleagues

    your views will be appreciated

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    Re: Some Proxy sites are Required

    How Web Sites are Blocked?

    In order to explain how to unblock web sites, it is important to understand how specific web sites first become blocked.

    Blocked web sites are usually the result of special software that is loaded onto your computer that works with your internet browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, in which you can adjust the options to allow or block specific web sites.

    In addition, when it comes to large computer networks (like the ones you might find at your corporate office or school), a firewall is usually involved and this resource is also used to block specific web sites of the organization’s choosing.

    While it is fairly easy to block web sites, unblocking web sites can sometimes be a difficult task to achieve. However, following are a few tips that will definitely level the playing field, giving you the ability to access almost any blocked web site.

    How to Unblock a Website?

    Unblocking a web site can be accomplished whether you are at the office, at a school computer or using a public computer at some libraries or internet cafes. In order to unblock a web site you have to some way circumvent or disable the web site blocking software, the web browser or the firewall that is being used to block a web site. There are a few strategies to accomplish this task.

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