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Thread: Unable to run Firefox

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    sad Unable to run Firefox

    Hello Everybody,

    Recently i have bought a new computer and i tried to install Firefox on my system. But after downloading the .exe file from the internet i cannot run it on my system. When i click on the .exe file, the installation process run very fast as it is installing anything. I don't know why this happen whenever i try to install Firefox on my system. Can any one help me to install Firefox on my system? Would be graceful to you if any one help me out to resolve this issue.


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    Re: Unable to run Firefox

    I think the .exe file may be corrupted one which is not allowing you to run the Firefox setup on your system. It's better to download a new .exe setup and then try to run it on your system.

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    Re: Unable to run Firefox

    Have you downloaded the .exe file from the official Mozilla site.You may run into problems if you try to install an extension from any sites other than the official Mozilla site. That's because the security measures built into Firefox don't allow just any site to install programs on your computer.

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    Re: Unable to run Firefox

    Just go to Mozilla websites, right there on the front page there's a link to download Firefox, you can download the latest version over there itself. Click that link, then chose 'open' from the popup box, that will download Firefox, and start the installer. Don't worry about losing anything, it will just replace the Firefox if it's there on your system with a new version.

    Let the installation run, follow the directions it gives you, then when you're done, and you would be able to open Firefox with out nay problem.

    Hope so it may help you to resolve your Firefox issue.

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