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Thread: Hotmail mails in mac Mail

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    Hotmail mails in mac Mail

    I am using in recent days mac os feels quite different form windows now my problem is i am not able to access hotmail from mac mail please any one can tell me how can i get hotmail mails directly on mac. thank you.

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    Re: Hotmail mails in mac Mail

    i thing some plugin will help you try to use the plugin (HTTPMail) to send/receive Hotmail email via the OSX Mail application.

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    Re: Hotmail mails in mac Mail httpmail

    set up access to a Windows Live Hotmail account in Mac OS X Mail using httpmail:

    * Get Windows Live Hotmail Plus subscription for the Windows Live Hotmail account .
    * Install httpmail on Mac OS .
    * Select Mail ,Preferences... from Mail menu.
    * Go to the Accounts category.
    * Click + ("Create an account.")
    * Enter your name:.
    * Type your Hotmail address complete under Email Address:.
    * Type your Hotmail password under Password:.
    * Click Continue.
    * Make sure HTTPMail is selected as the Account Type:.
    * Enter description "Windows Live Hotmail" for this account.
    * make Incoming Mail Server is set to "".
    * Check that your complete Hotmail address is entered under User Name:.
    * Click Continue.
    * Now click Create.
    * Close the Accounts window.

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    Re: Hotmail mails in mac Mail

    hi you can go with Mail To Fetch 0.2 ;Mail To Fetch is a Mail.application AppleScript that uses MrPostman opensource software to provide Hotmail Mail within Apple Mail.

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    Re: Hotmail mails in mac Mail

    1st stage:
    First go here
    You will in "Extra Option" and then on the 1st tab you coches the first 2 boxes and the last.
    Then in the middle of the tab you put in 2000 in the 1st box not checked the and that of a side (address).
    You Macrefreepop launches and magically the window will close.

    2nd stage
    MacfreePop running in the background, to enable each logon is in System Preferences
    Then in the account and the "openness".
    Once you selected in your application then you Macfreepop checking the box.

    3rd stage
    In mail, you create a POP account.
    In Descriptio you put what you want. This is what will appear in the left column in email.
    In the 2 boxes you put tn address. Then Continue.
    Receiving server:
    Then again you put your address and password tn (homtail)
    Continue even if there is an error message and then again continue.
    In outgoing mail server puts you eg Orange put then you continued.
    You arrive on a summary page and you clik su finish.
    Still in Mail, you select the POP account you just created.
    If you are on orange, it is a manip to verify. You will in the 1st tab and setting the server. Check if the port is 25 and not much else. otherwise put 25!
    After you go in the "Advanced" tab and you put in the box the port number 25
    You record everything and you farm Mail

    4th stage
    You relaunch Mail.
    And normally you take life as everything works and now you will be forced to go through homtail to check your mails!
    Either you wrote to say that I forgot something!

    I hope it can help people

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