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Thread: How can i avoid spam while ordering online

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    idea How can i avoid spam while ordering online

    Hello Friends

    I would like to know that how can i avoid spam while ordering on the website? I would like to avoid unwanted advertising spam which i get by registering my email address on any online website. Usually i prefer my main email address to get register on any online website. Is there any particular way to avoid such kinds of advertising spam which i get through email at the time of ordering on the online websites? Any information related to this one would be appreciated.

    Thanking You.

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    Re: How can i avoid spam while ordering online

    Spamming means sending of unsolicited email to persons the sender does not know or have prior consent to send the message to. Using fictitious email addresses of any domain housed on our network is forbidden. Unsolicited email of any type (to email addresses or newsgroup postings) is classified as Spam.

    One of the best ways to avoid unwanted email marketing is to have control over your domain processing rules, or have a good host that will handle this for you. However, there are ways to avoid spam, even if you are using another domain's mail address, such as HotMail, AOL, Yahoo, etc.

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    Re: How can i avoid spam while ordering online

    In order to avoid spam filters as well as make your emails look more trustworthy, you need to do the following:

    1. Delete any emails that did not send successfully – When you send an email that gets rejected, you tell your internet service provider that you may not have actually obtained that email address legally. You may, in fact, have typed a random email address and hoped that it would work. This may not be the case , of course. The individual may have simply changed emails or mistyped their own email address. But your ISP doesn’t know that. To avoid spam filters, your ISP has to trust that you are sending your emails legitimately, which is difficult if you are constantly having emails bounce.

    2. Always have a link so your recipients can unsubscribe – if you do appear to be a spam email, not having an unsubscribe feature is illegal. They are also considered a new way to avoid spam filters, as these filters have begun to look to make sure that an unsubscribe link is available. Also, even if your subscribers signed up legitimately, if they no longer want to receive your emails but cannot find a way to unsubscribe, then you are immediately considered genuine spam. In order to manage your opt-in list, you need to allow this feature to be available.

    3. Always provide alternative ways for your email recipients to contact you. If the email recipient thinks they have received your email in error, but do not want to unsubscribe, they will be able to contact you and you can remind them that they did, indeed, sign up to receive the newsletter.

    4. Finally, to both avoid spam filters and to keep people interested in remaining on your opt-in list, make sure that the content of your email matches the content of your website. If they are not about the same topic it will considered to be a spam.

    Hope so it may help you out.

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    Re: How can i avoid spam while ordering online

    Nobody wants to login to their email address and find the inbox chucked full with spam messages, especially since said messages are sent out in order to propagate all sorts of malicious software. Most of the times the goal of the spammer is to infect your machine, turn it into a zombie PC in an ever increasing botnet.

    In order to find out spam mail, you have to check out your subject line.The Most Common Spam Subject Lines such as the earthquake that devastated China earlier this year, to make up bogus spam messages.

    These are some best examples of most used spam subject lines: "Cheap rolex, omega, cartier...lowest prices; Raw video of Paris; Look attractive with larger jackhammer; Woman loses nose after dog attack; Stay stronger and harder." Pretty much every unsolicited message advertising some adult footage of a well known celebrity is considered to be a spam.

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