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Thread: Is there any program to block from accessing the Internet?

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    Is there any program to block from accessing the Internet?

    Hello everyone,

    I would like to know that, is there any particular program by which i can block from accessing Internet? I would like to know how can i do this? Can any one help me out?


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    Re: Is there any program to block from accessing the Internet?

    Internet Lock is the access control and password protection solution for your internet connections and programs. With Internet Lock, you can control the internet connections and programs on your computer.

    Internet Lock can password protect or block any kind of internet programs from accessing internet, for example: password protects all web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.

    Internet Lock also supports to protect the internet programs on certain IP addresses and domains. It can deny, allow, or password protect internet programs on certain web sites. You can limit users access to only the web sites you specified, or keep users from accessing the unwanted web sites.

    Internet Lock provides an easy-to-use wizard to help you to protect internet connections, for example "Password Protect All Web Browsers", "Password Protect All Email Clients", "Deny All FTP Programs" etc.

    Internet Lock supports schedule options, supports to protect port ranges. Internet Lock works in low level driver mode, it will never slow down the connection speeds.

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    Re: Is there any program to block from accessing the Internet?

    Theres a plenty of ways to block internet access.

    1. Simply pull out the cable from your internet source.

    2. Go to your internet browser, and click on "File", at the very top of the screen. There you will see an option named" Work Offline"

    3. Go to Control Panel--> Internet Options--> Security tab--> Custom Level. There also are some settings, so you can disable them.

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    Re: Is there any program to block from accessing the Internet?

    You can let Internet Lock to block all internet connections on your computer, but "Fully Control" means you can control each internet program and TCP port:

    * You can allow any ones of the internet programs, or block any ones of them.

    * You can let a program to ask for password when it connects to internet, or simply block it from accessing internet.

    * You can protect some programs on certain web site, but allow them on other web sites.

    * You can allow an internet program to access internet from 20:00 to 22:00 but block the same program after 22:00.

    * You can allow the Outlook to receive emails but block it from sending emails.

    * You can block all programs from accessing the whole internet, but allow them to access your web site only.

    So, Internet Lock is not a simple "Click to block, click to allow" program, it's the internet access control solution which can help you to fully control the internet programs and connections on your computer.

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    Re: Is there any program to block from accessing the Internet?

    I am already using "Comodo". It's permanently running on my pc and it's of only 20k in size. With the help of Comodo, yu would be able to step in, if an application is launched by a process. So if you click a link in an email which causes Outlook to start Firefox, Comodo will step in even though you have given access to Firefox.

    Try to follow the below steps mention.

    1) Go to Security (from toolbar)

    2) Click Application Monitor in the sidebar

    3) Right click on an application and select Edit

    4) Select the Skip Parent Check option

    See if that helps you.

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