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Thread: Windows Live Messenger error code 80048820

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    Windows Live Messenger error code 80048820

    Since this afternoon I can not connect to Windows Live Messenger, it gives me the error code 80048820, I also noticed that I could not go on any site about Windows Live Messenger! (My home page is normally the Windows Live Messenger but "Internet Explorer can not display the webpage", such to connect to Windows Live Messenger on the Internet without using the software and I can not even go to the link he proposes to find a solution ...)

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    Re: Windows Live Messenger error code 80048820

    Error code 80048820 usually occurs when there is a problem with the .NET Messenger service. one or more of the servers providing it might be down or having problems, with as result that you can no longer sign in. This normally won't take longer then a few minutes/hours.

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    Re: Windows Live Messenger error code 80048820

    Check if the time and date on your computer are set correct, as it might confuse Messenger. To verify if they are, double-click the clock at the bottom right of your screen, click ok once/if everything is adjusted right.

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    Re: Windows Live Messenger error code 80048820

    Hi Maceo,

    Solution for error code 80048820 is given in this guide - Solutions for Most Common Windows Live Messenger (MSN Messenger) Error Codes

    Have a look at it !!!
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