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Thread: How to Monitor shared folders?

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    How to Monitor shared folders?

    I have a problem in the box where I work as computer technician.
    There is one Users clumsy / malicious delete or move files in the database (shared folders on servers).

    For now, I can only repair errors by restoring data from a backup. But I just do not trace the origin of the problem.

    What is software that can list and date changes in the database as well as user accounts noted Aillant make his Changes.

    The servers are under Win 2003 with AD, and most PC users in XP

    Thank you in advance for your answers.

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    Re: How to Monitoring shared folders?

    If I understand your problem ..

    For my part, I do not know my knowledge in software capable of doing. ? But why not ban so (put restrictions)?

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    Re: How to Monitoring shared folders?

    Thank you,

    In fact there already as a package of restrictions in the shares, only authorized users can access data and yet not all data and not necessarily with the right paperwork.
    but despite this, some folders or files eventually disappear and I can not know of the tens of authorized users who did disappear.

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    Re: How to Monitor shared folders?

    This free tool may help: , however, it doesn't identify who did the change.
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