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Thread: Avatar with transparent background?

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    Avatar with transparent background?

    I have a question about forum avatars. I have an image saved as a .png with a transparent background to the image. When I upload the file [to another forum] as my avatar, white space still shows around the edges. However I do see others' avatars there that have transparent backgrounds. Would I need to use a .tiff? Or something else? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    Re: Avatar with transparent background?

    Are you facing this transparent avatar problem in this forum also? If so, ask this problem in Moderators will will you with the appropriate solution for that. If this is for other forum only, I'll suggest you to ask it in their feedback section, so that they can guide you properly, coz only they will know solution for bugs or problems regarding their sites

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    Re: Avatar with transparent background?

    Could you not just compress layers, use magic wand tool to select the badge, use background eraser brush to delete white background and then 'save for web devices" and you can save the image effectively without a background as a gif file?

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    Re: Avatar with transparent background?

    I think .png files show up with the white edge on certain browsers. I myself have seen this thing. I saw and image in Opera, IE6, Maxthon and Firefox. There was white background in all Opera, IE6, Maxthon browsers. But in firefox, no background due to which the actual image looked good.

    I was knowing that older versions of IE have that problem, not too sure which other ones do.

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