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Thread: How to put these videos to website?

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    How to put these videos to website?

    ..i have two .avi. movies and a .mpeg videos clips, I also have a website but I don/t know how to upload these videos to my websiste. My friends said that I should have a flash video player on my site and put all these videos to the flash video player but I’ m a totally newbie on this issue. After some searching I found this program - Moyea Web Player Pro. This program claims using video encoder to convert videos to flv and can create a customized flv player. I’m totally new on this. I have downloaded its trial version, yet it is perfect. Do you know more about this? Need advice or any good software to do this.

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    Re: How to put these videos to website?

    At this time, the best way to add video to a website is to use the Flash FLV video format. There are several reasons why Flash FLV is the right choice right now:

    1. Flash Player is found in more browsers than any other player. Flash works on MacOS X, Windows, and Linux. Flash works in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

    2. Flash gives you excellent control over the presentation of your video; if you own Adobe's Flash product, you can design your own player user interface. There are also free and open source players you can use without buying Flash.

    3. While Flash is unfortunately not a completely open format, much of the specification is available, and there are free tools to create FLV videos. 4. As of this writing, none of the widely supported alternatives are truly open in the legal sense - all of the popular video formats involve patented algorithms. Since all of the major formats have such problems, it makes sense to pick the most widely supported one, and that's Flash. Ogg Theora is a promising, truly free alternative, but it is currently too difficult for end users to install what they need to see it. And a video your users can't see is no video at all.

    Now, the rest of this article will assume you want to do this yourself - because you don't want to promote another company on your website, because your video doesn't fit the guidelines and limits of the free services, or because you just don't want to look like an amateur.

    So how do we create Flash video and put it on our website without spending hundreds of dollars? The following tutorial shows how to do it for free. This tutorial assumes you have Windows XP and are using Windows Movie Maker. We'll use the Riva FLV Encoder, a free, user-friendly converter based on the open-source FFMPEG encoder, to convert the video. And we'll use the open-source FlowPlayer Flash applet to actually embed the FLV video in our web pages.

    Similar techniques can be used with other operating systems and software. Linux users will most likely use FFMPEG directly. See the encoding HOWTO on the FlowPlayer site for more information. MacOS X users, if they are brave at the Terminal prompt, can also go the ffmpeg route after exporting to "DV quality" from iMovie. Or they can spend the money for Adobe/Macromedia's Flash Studio 8 software.

    More information here:

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