BBC has re-launched the website. Its improved format, new features and design showcase editorial content across BBC Persian online and radio – as well as giving a glimpse of the BBC's soon to be launched Persian-language television.

By re-launching, the BBC says that it enhances this online source of news and information for Persian-speakers, wherever they are.

Despite having been blocked in Iran since January 2006, is one of the most successful BBC World Service websites, receiving more than 19 million page impressions every month from users across the world.

The BBC says that it has improved the design and functionality of the site, tailoring the presentation and localisation of its content for global Persian-speaking audiences.

In addition to access to the BBC Persian radio programming, the revamped website also offers the audiences extensive video content.

Roberto Belo-Rovella, editorial lead in the re-launch project run by the BBC World Service Future Media team, says: "The new-look means it's wider, 'cleaner' and easier to use – and re-use.

"By launching the website in this new attractive format, we are tapping into a huge Persian-speaking online community, be it in Iran, Afghanistan or diaspora audiences, making our content more widely available and more appealing to younger Persian users.

"In this revamped version, the website will help us better engage with Persian-speaking online communities."

BBC Persian and BBC Pashto service head Andres Ilves says, "The new-look website will continue to provide our audiences with 24/7 access to BBC Persian output and will be the main driver of interactivity and user-generated content for our multimedia offer.

"Persian-speaking audiences want to discuss and debate Iran's role in, and contribution to, the world, and we want to enable them to participate in, and enrich, our output."

Ilves adds that, with the upcoming launch of BBC Persian television and online streaming of its programmes, the website's role will further increase. "Persian-speaking audiences want a bigger picture view of the world and their place in it. The backbone of the BBC Persian multimedia offer will be eight hours of world class Persian-language television every day.

"Our audiences want more than geopolitics, and the BBC Persian news agenda will be broad, reflecting all aspects of life, including the latest developments in culture, society, science, lifestyle, technology and business with bespoke content on these topics – on radio, online and, soon, on TV."