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    unsure Download Mails

    HI ,is There anyway i can download my mails from google or hotmail account so that i can view it offline [when i m not connected to internet].

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    hi BOB actually you can download mails but your mails should support pop service.

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    Yes bob, conrad is right,you can download your mails for that you need an E-mail client like OUTLOOK EXPRESS or FIREFOX THUNDERBIRD.
    and an E-MAIL account that support pop3 service.YAHOO provide pop3 service for premium users but GMAIL do provide this service for free.
    Here is the setting for enabling GMAIL POP ACCOUNT

    You can retrieve your Gmail messages with a client or device that supports POP, like Microsoft Outlook or Netscape Mail.

    To enable POP in Gmail:
    1. Sign in to Gmail.
    2. Click Settings at the top of any Gmail page.
    3. Click Forwarding and POP/IMAP.

    4. Select Enable POP for all mail or Enable POP for mail that arrives from now on.
    5. Choose the action you'd like your Gmail messages to take after they are accessed with POP.
    6. Configure your POP client* and click Save Changes.

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    Thanks Philips, Can Also Please Tell Me How To Configure Pop For Outlook 2002.thanks

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    Configure E-Mail Client for Gmail™
    Microsoft Outlook Mail Settings (Gmail)
    Part I - New Account Setup

    Goto the Tools menu and select E-mail Accounts
    Select Add a new e-mail account and click next
    Select POP3 and click next
    Fill in the blanks as seen below.

    Incoming mail server (POP3): localhost (or or your network computer name)
    Outgoing mail server (SMTP): localhost (same as POP3)

    Click the More Settings button and head over to the Outgoing Server tab. Check My outgoing server requires authentication and Use same settings as incoming mail server

    NOTE: Do not use the Test Account Settings button because it does not support e-mail authentication and will result in a failure every time.
    Part II - Filter Setup (required only one time per computer)
    Look for a Junk E-mail folder in your Outlook folder list (There should be one in Outlook 2002 or later). If you do not see this folder, go to File -> New -> Folder and create a folder inside the Inbox titled Junk E-mail (note the exact spelling).

    Now go to the Tools menu,
    Select Rules and Alerts or Rules or Rules Wizard (if this does not appear in the Tools menu, expand the menu by clicking on the down arrow at the bottom of the menu)

    Microsoft Outlook 2002 / XP Rules Wizard Window

    (Outlook 2000/2002 only) - Select Inbox (your Gmail account) under Apply changes to this folder. If there is only one item there, then make sure that is selected.

    In the Rules window, click Options

    In the Options window, select Import Rules.

    Navigate to your eMail2Pop installation directory (usually C:\Program Files\eMail2Pop)

    Select Outlook, click Open / OK (C:\Program Files\eMail2Pop\outlook.rwz)

    Verify that two rules have been imported into Outlook (X-eMail2Pop-status / X-Spam-Flag). They should be both checked.

    If the box beside the X-Spam-Flag rule is not checked, check the box, click the blue specified word in the big white box under Rule Description, and select the Junk E-mail folder. If there is not a Junk E-mail folder, create one inside the Inbox by clicking New .

    If you use your own additional Outlook rules, the eMail2Pop rules must process first. Use the Move Up (Up Arrow) button to move the two rules to the top of the list.

    Click Finish to close the Rules Wizard, and then OK to close the Rules and Alerts window

    Now you are all set to use Microsoft Outlook! No additional spam filtering configuration required.

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    Configure Pop For Outlook 2002

    1. To set up your Outlook client to work with Gmail:
    2. Enable POP in your email account. Don't forget to click Save Changes when you're done.
    3. Open Outlook.
    4. Click the Tools menu, and select Accounts...
    5. Click Add, and then click Mail...
    6. Enter your name in the Display name: field, and click Next.

    7. Enter your full Gmail email address ( in the Email address: field, and click Next. Google Apps users, enter your full address in the format ''
    8. Enter '' in the Incoming mail (POP3, IMAP or HTTP) server: field. Enter '' in the Outgoing mail (SMTP) server: field. Google Apps users, enter the server names provided, don't add your domain name in this step.
    9. Click Next.
    10. Enter your full email address (including '' or '') in the Account name: field. Enter your email password in the Password: field, and click Next.
    11. Click Finish.
    12. Highlight under Account, and click Properties.
    13. Click the Advanced tab.
    14. Under Outgoing Mail (SMTP), check the box next to This server requires a secure connection (SSL).
    15. Enter '465' in the Outgoing mail (SMTP): field.
    16. Under Incoming mail (POP3), check the box next to This server requires a secure connection (SSL). The port will change to '995'.

    17. Click the Servers tab, and check the box next to My server requires authentication.

    18. Click OK.

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