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Thread: Recruitments - News Posters @ TechArena

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    smile Recruitments - News Posters @ TechArena

    Hello All,

    We have few recruitments for News Posters @ Tech-Arena.
    News Posters will be allowed to post News on the main page Directly, and will take import role in the discussions of ongoings of Tech-Arena, they will have a chance to get on with Moderation too in future.

    Please let us know, about your interests, by replying back to this thread and sending a mail from here, Select News Posters Group.
    1. while sending message via above email form, let us what news sites you visit daily
    2. How many no. of hours do you spend online.
    3. Your INTERNET Connection TYPE. (cable, dialup, etc.)

    Few things which will be required and taken into consideration for news posters,

    1. PLease let us know how many news per day can you post.
    2. Also we will judge you on basis of your quality of posts @ tech-arena.

    Join us, in making tech-arena, much better

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    abhay Guest
    normal users will be allowed to post news, right

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    Quote Originally Posted by abhay
    normal users will be allowed to post news, right?
    yes normal users will be allowed to post news,
    but all news from normal posters are first MODERATED. and then they appear.

    But, for news posters there wont be any restrictions..

    And also as the News System is made, you mite have noted that,
    Whenever a news is posted by any normal member, via the Submit News Page.
    It will be appear as submitted by: Moderator (person who approved the news) and not the news poster.. (we have to manually add the name @ the bottom of the news)

    News Posters will be free of all those restriction.
    and morever, there names will appear on thE about us. page of TECH-ARENA.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Rave
    can we take the details from other sites and mention the name of the site as source:**** ? or taken from *****.com sie?
    yes you can.
    thats the way a news is posted on NEWS SITE.

    Like, If you take news from or
    You will copy/paste the IMPORTANT content of the news in the Main News and rest of the PART in Extended news

    And @ the bottom of every news, writed down the SOURCE. where you got the news from.
    Thats all.


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    funkyvishu Guest
    nice, now we'll have a disscussion on wether news is nessary or not!? i almost forgot the topic. oh yes recruitment - so who's in sandy?

    *editted - oops! i almost forgot, i'm terribly dissapointed to say that iam kinda busy right now but things will get better after my pmt exams on 17th, so then i'll be free.
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    hey romil, wht i meant was posting a few news ticker tape.. provided by sme news agencies on the main page along with news messages.
    hey kunal malik!! Have u heard about CITM??
    do let me knw if u have...
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    life is pleasant, death is peacefull..its transition tht's troublesome

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