Thread Guidelines: Avatars and Signatures

Please read the Forum Guidelines first.

No pornography or overly Suggestive images or Explicit language in either an avatar or signature.
Remember this forum is for those of all ages.

Signatures can be no larger than 400 pixels wide and 60 pixels in height. The whole image cannot exceed more the 15 KB in file size. Be sure your signature does not go over these specifications before posting it. This also includes any text you may place around your signature.

Avatars can not be more that 100 pixels wide and 100 pixels in height and no larger than 10 kb in file size. This specification is controlled by the forum itself and will automatically deny you the ability to upload a file that goes over these sizes.

Also note, Dynamic images in sigs/avatars are not allowed.

Understand that these rules are not a 'suggestion'. This is also so that we do not have spend all our time going through signatures which take up 90% of the thread.

You can turn off signatures and avatars by going to your ‘UserCPthen click on ‘Edit Options’ in the menu then scroll down to where it says ‘Thread Display Options’ and uncheck ‘Show Signatures’ and/or ‘Show Avatars’ then click ‘Save Changes’ at the bottom.

This will help dial-up users, to browse forums at faster speeds.
Your Signatures/Avtars will be taken off, if it doesn't abide by any of the above rules.

(These rules are subject to change as situations arise. Check back here if unsure.)