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Thread: Microsoft VBScript runtime error: Permission denied: 'GetObject'

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    Microsoft VBScript runtime error: Permission denied: 'GetObject'

    I am trying to run the following program in a Windows 2000 machine.I am getting the error as " Microsoft VBScript runtime error: Permission denied: 'GetObject'".Please suggest me something.
    Option Explicit
    Dim refWMIService
    Dim objComputer
    Dim colComputer
    'get a reference to the SWbemServices object
    set refWMIService = GetObject("winMgmts:\\ipaddress")
    Set colComputer = refWMIService.ExecQuery _
    ("Select * from Win32_ComputerSystem")

    For Each objComputer in colComputer
    Wscript.Echo objComputer.UserName

    The purpose of the above program is to output the logged on user for the computer being queried.

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    Thanks for the reply.I tried whatever mentioned in the link..But it didn't work..

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