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Thread: Software For Designing Website?

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    Software For Designing Website?

    Hello friends
    I m trying create a website but I dont know which software is the best , easier to use and free because sofar I ve downloaded 10 softwares which were not free so please guys can you recommend any software ,help me here, and please give links software - web design
    2.professional and easier to use
    thankyou guys
    If PrAcTiCe MaKeS pErFeCt AnD nObOdY iS pErFeCt WhY pRaTiCe...ThAtS wHaT pEoPlE mAkE hAcKs FoR

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    hmm.. the only free one i can think of right now is NVU,go here
    but professional design if you wanna pay is adobe Dreamweaver 8, at least thats what i use


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    Naughty Free web design software

    I recommend Advantage Builder. It's FREE. You can download it from here

    It generates Web pages as well as middle tier classes in C# and VB. It also generates SQL stored procedures in T-SQL and PL-SQL


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