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Thread: wats the future java or .net...??

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    The question of .net or java as taken by the industry players are primely based on the project costing. In that case java definitely java has an edge over .net for the licensing cost. If Microsoft can go for aggressive pricing then the situation will drastically change because the industry is also concerned about the time taken, in that front RAD tools of Microsoft are unbeatable. If portability is the concern we dont go for developing a system that could be run in all the existing OS on earth, that is not necessary.... a project is looked from an angle to make the best use of existing resources and provide good cost benefit so companies that have already invested in Microsoft wouldnt mind going for .net and they would also have an option to choose java or even VJ#

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    Now What ?? there's more leakage in the Tank...

    I request all the hard core .Net supporters to hold back as they read,00.htm and then think over what they had been supporting goes into the unsure future of insecure environments of "Pointers"

    The news followed would surely reveal that all those of our friends where following the "white rabbit" which has enough potential to drop them into the "programming Wonderland".

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    I knew about this b4....
    I once asked this guy frm MS abt it, I said that u guys can put unsafe code in, but is there anyway for an end user to find out easily whther a program written in .NET uses managed or unmanaged code? He said no. Even if the program is written in c# u can still put in unmanaged code, which is something that article glosses over. I find that a lot of the respondents there seem to take too great an offense to the article, and must conclude that .NET developers have been frequenting the place. The excuses they have given are ludicrous - u cannot compare JNI to unmanaged code. For one, applets can't use it. And somebody whining about how all viruses are bcos users run their comps as admins and not due to MS. Yeah right. I guess that is why big banks etc who never run their comps as superusers spend loads of money on security and AV, and also that is why the big corporations were the worst hit by blaster etc.
    Then there was someone who mixed up the MS and Sun guys.....
    Yes, Java is slow, but only on MS OSes. It performs better on non MS systems.
    How is .NET portable? I haven't heard of a single non MS OS supporting it (Mono is under development, no thanks to MS)
    And as for the ugly look, well if u use AWT instead of Swing u can get arnd that. Though it is strange that Swing should be so UGLY.
    As for development tools, yes MS makes great stuff, but I hear Borland's Java products are amazing.
    One thing for .NET - the large number of langauges it supports makes it easier for developers to migrate to it.

    In any case I do not find Java or .NET very great in terms of the claimed write once run anywhere. Why else is it that I need a new JRE every so often (or a new .NET framework for that matter)?

    Hey, must add. Recently used JRE 1.5 and Swing looks great! Sorta like KDE!!!!
    No more ugly duckling GUIs if u use jre 1.5

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