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Thread: Mobile friend theme or plugins for Wordpress

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    Mobile friend theme or plugins for Wordpress

    Wordrpress is one of the best blogging platform I had ever seen. It is great and works really well. The good part of having Wordpress is that it provides so many plugins for different usage. At first I was a bit confused to use this. But rightnow I found a article that says you need a mobile friendly website. And I am using a theme called as Hueman. And I want to know that does this theme is mobile friendly or not. If not then how can make it. Will it be good to use a plugin that can add mobile friendly feature on the site or going for a entirely new website that comes with mobile friendly version. Want to know which thing is best here.

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    Re: Mobile friend theme or plugins for Wordpress

    I do not think a plugin can help you much here. Compare to that mobile friend sites are more better. In many themes you can get this feature for free. I am using SuperNova. Just recently I added this theme on my website and it works nice. It is fast and has a responsive design. It opens up really well on mobile and tablet. The free version is not having much for customization. But the paid version is more effective. I think you must test this theme first on your site and then decide what you want to go for. Just go through the theme features and if you like this then you can go for the paid edition.

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    Re: Mobile friend theme or plugins for Wordpress

    I think the best thing will be here is going for a theme that has a mobile theme in it. So that you wont have to rely on a plugin. It happens many time in Wordpress that developers stop updating the apps. And this can cause problem in future with the plugins. It can be vulnerable. So here it is good to go for a paid theme which comes with premium benefits. And it allow you to customize it as per your need. And you will also get a good tech support with that. I think SuperNova is a great theme. Go ahead with a full version once you are done using the free edition.

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    Re: Mobile friend theme or plugins for Wordpress

    There are many plugins that you can use for making your site mobile friendly. And Wordpress is also having paid solutions. So there is nothing to much worry. If a plugins is discontinued you can switch with some other one. One good thing here is that you can just enable the plugin and it will do the job. It will optimize your site to work with mobile friendly. One of the best plugin that I think will help you is WPTouch Plugin. This one is really nice and worth testing. I will recommend you to test this one. Just try testing out this on your site and see how it works in mobile.

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    Re: Mobile friend theme or plugins for Wordpress

    Wordpress has lots of plugins for that. But WPTouch is quiet nice. I am using this on a client site. He has a static site that is based on his company profile. He never updates any content on that. When we open that site in mobile phone it was taking really long time. So I added this WpTouch plugin on that and this started working. There is no issue at all. It can optimize the site design and make a unique layout for mobile phone. That opens fast and easily. It will automatic ally manage the navigation. There are many settings that you can do to make your site load faster

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    Re: Mobile friend theme or plugins for Wordpress

    There is one plugin that can do all the job. This plugin will make your site a mobile responsive website and you might have heard about this. The name of this plugin is JetPack. It has lots of feature which you can lookout and improve your sites performance. This plugin is having more than 30 features which are free for usage. You can not only make your site responsive but you can also improve your sites performance by adding many extra things. Just add this plugin and done. No need to rely on any separate addon. This plugins is popular and has a paid edition also.

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