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Thread: What to do with missing entry errors of WordPress

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    What to do with missing entry errors of WordPress

    I am having a small wordpress site which is based on latest downloads. I had done with adding around 100 articles on that. I keep a close eye on Google Webmasters tool to see if there are any errors or not. I just found that there are around 100 errors under structure data. And this were missing entry, missing author, etc. I tried looking on Google about this, but there is no solution for this. Does this error is a big issue or I can ignore this. The errors are increasing as I keep on adding new content on the site. I want some help to stop it. I am unable to find any extra plugins also for that.

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    Re: What to do with missing entry errors of WordPress

    Many are facing such errors on free themes of wordpress. If you go with paid version then it would be lot better. I had seen this error a number of time in Twenty Twelve. But a new version says it has resolved the problem. For testing you can try migrating to a new theme and then you can make changes. And see if the error goes or not. If the error goes then you can stick with the theme and further customize it as per your need. But if this does not help then you have to get a better theme with all seo features in it. And I am quiet sure you can find that on various sites.

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    Re: What to do with missing entry errors of WordPress

    There are certain fixes on the web that you can try out. This fixes require to make changes in the single.php file. You just have to replace a code there and it might start working. You have to play with themes for the time being. Try to backup your files and then make changes. Do not do anything directly in the site or else you might face error. You have to backup each and every file one by one and then you can go ahead to see what output you are getting. If you are not aware about making changes in the code then you can also take a help from some developer.

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