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Thread: How to get rid of website title in Wordpress post

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    How to get rid of website title in Wordpress post

    I am having around 10 to 15 post on a new WordPress website. And whenever I open any post on the website I can see the site title after each and every post. I do not want that. For example if I open a post then I see a the post title and after that there is long site title also. And this a bit bad I think. I had tried looking around on web to find a way to remove this thing but it does not looks so easy to get rid of. I had checked inside the settings and yet I am not able to find anything. I want some help here to remove this things. I am not so good in coding stuff.

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    Re: How to get rid of website title in Wordpress post

    It actually depends on the theme you are using. Wordpress has as option through which you can get rid of the page title and it might work well but for that you have to edit the functions.php I think. You have to go in the that and you have to find the page title stuff from here. And then you can remove it. It also depend on the theme that you are using. Many advance themes are having options to customize various parts of a WordPress site and it is also quiet easy to use. So just try finding out the same first. Check the settings options and then go ahead with making changes in the coding of site.

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    Re: How to get rid of website title in Wordpress post

    Before doing any kind of changes in your site it is best to take a backup. And then go ahead. Because there will be serious issue if you don't see that first. You can take backup through cpanel or through any third party plugin in WordPress directly. After that you can use a browser like Chrome. In that just right click on the top header and choose inspect elements. And then try to locate where the text is located. If something happens and you get any error then you can instantly restore your site back again. Try to post on WordPress forums for more details.

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    Re: How to get rid of website title in Wordpress post

    I have been still trying this and yet I am not at all successful in doing the same. I think this the WordPress limitation. Because it does not let you to remove the page title so easily. I had done some changes in the website code. I had tried a lot to do that but yet it is not working. I am quiet sure that there will be some way but this can be done only through a developer. So I am just waiting to find some developer who can give me a solution for fixing the same. I hope this would be easier in future if I change the theme.

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    Re: How to get rid of website title in Wordpress post

    Try out some different theme, it is due to a theme which has that setting or layout. Try another one which you find suitable for your site and also look good.

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