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Thread: Is it possible to import a WordPress blog to another server

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    Is it possible to import a WordPress blog to another server

    I am having a few old WordPress blogs that I had started a few years ago. Now I am trying to find out some way through which I can import this thing directly in my new server. So that I do not loose all my data. Because there are some good articles on that and once I delete the blog everything will be lost. So here I am looking for some migration option that would guide me for importing everything at one place and then I will delete those not needed blogs. I hope there will be some way of doing this really fast.

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    Re: Is it possible to import a WordPress blog to another server

    There are certain importers plugin which you can test out and they work really well. This plugin is fast and easy to use and it will you to get more data easily. But I am not really sure that it will work on WordPress blog or not. A number of time this kind of plugins does not really work on third party blogging platform. They work well on self hosted sites. You can move a site from one server to another easily through that. And the same also happen quiet quickly. So here just try WordPress importer first. I am quiet sure it will help.

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    Re: Is it possible to import a WordPress blog to another server

    I had used WordPress Importer and it really works well. It is quiet simple to use and it let you to import various things from another WordPress site. Like you can run this and you can import all the post and its pages. You can also import custom post settings. You can import the comments as they are and with that you have a option to take categories, tags, etc. Even authors. So just try testing out this plugin and see. I am quiet sure it will work really well and wont give you much issues.

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