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Thread: How to speed up a slow drupal site

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    How to speed up a slow drupal site

    I am looking for some options through which I can speedup a drupal site. And it looks to be working very slow. I had tried a lot to check the server status but everything there looks quiet proper. And the site does not respond well. I want some help here to do basic changes that can put impact on the site performance. But things are not upto the mark. I had done with database upgrade and other stuff. So what things can be done here to make the site work better.

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    Re: How to speed up a slow drupal site

    The first thing you have to do is check your hosting providers. You will need a good server which can offer you great speed. Like A Small Orange hosting providers offer you a SSD support where site performance is lot more better than others. You have to go in the server status part and see the site output. If there are too many visits and the server configuration is low then you wont get proper output.

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    Re: How to speed up a slow drupal site

    If there are too many plugins in the cms loaded then you might face such problem. It is better to remove those things and then it will be working very well. You can go in the admin section and from there you can remove all those stuff which are not needed. This will simply boost up your site performance. It will be also better to upgrade your server if you think the current one is very slow. There are ample of good hosting providers that would help you.

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    Re: How to speed up a slow drupal site

    There are various things that can helps to reduce the website load time and make light to a website like that small image sizes, remove unused code, good hosting etc. So take these things in their mind and makes any kind of website fast on internet...

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