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Thread: Does removing vbseo will cause any issue with vbulletin url

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    Does removing vbseo will cause any issue with vbulletin url

    I am using vbseo from long time. And now I want to remove this. I had seen a lot of news that says vbseo is not at all secure. So if I remove then what will happen. Will it simply modify the url that I already have in the site or thing wl remain the same. I am not so good making major changes in vbulletin. My website is around 2 years old. And I also have a nice traffic on the same. I am trying to find out to preserve the url structure as it is. And will switch to dbseo.

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    Re: Does removing vbseo will cause any issue with vbulletin url

    It is good to take help from a developer. Do not mess with that on your own. You might screw up the entire site. Because once you remove vbseo a lot of things will be removed and all settings will be simply restored to default. By default when you post a article in vbulletin it does not let you to use a custom url. You get a post id on the same. And vbseo overwrite that by adding a more seo friendly url. It is a big pain to make this thing manually. If you remove vbseo then all your pages will be 404.

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    Re: Does removing vbseo will cause any issue with vbulletin url

    Take a backup first and then do what you want. Do not just play with the thing. It is right that vbseo is a good tool and it is hard to find something like this. But somehow this url structure is a huge pain here. And this plugin is discontinued. You must contact a developer who knows very well about the url structure of vbulletin and then ask him to give you a answer. Migration from vbseo to dbseo is not yet possible. Everything is done manually here. And any changes will mess with your site url.

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