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Thread: WordPress website takes long time to load

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    WordPress website takes long time to load

    I had made a website in WordPress. It consist of flash elements. There is a intro screen on the start which has around 20 images. The site is working really slow. I am not able to understand why. I am having a very cheap server. It offer me 5GB space and around 2GB bandwidth. That is more than enough for me. But when I try to open site it is not working. I use the server for testing purpose only. Does anyone know what is the problem here.

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    Re: WordPress website takes long time to load

    There can be various reason behind the slow performance. First of all your site has a very heavy flash page that takes a bit long time to start. You have to reduce the size of the images and then mix them to become a flash. It is not really recommended to use flash on a website if you are looking for performance. Because it will not work fine. Image optimization is very important here. High load time will decrease the value of your site.

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    Re: WordPress website takes long time to load

    There are few plugins which can help you to get optimum output. WPCache is one of them. Just add this. And it is correct that you have to optimize your site images to make it work more faster. Or else the loading time will be extremely slow. You can load your pictures in Photoshop or any other good image editor software and reduce the screen resolution. Make it light and optimize to work it for a website then check back.

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    Re: WordPress website takes long time to load

    No plugin can work if your site has too many heavy elements. Many people us high resolution pictures on their site which makes it very slow to open. That is because of bandwidth. Now everyone in the world is not having a high speed internet connection. Many users visit your site from mobile phone and if it is too heavy they are unable to view any pages. So the first thing you should do is reduce the elements. Limit the images. Use text more.

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