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Thread: PHP code to copy one folder into another folder

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    PHP code to copy one folder into another folder

    PHP Code:
    This is PHP code to copy the file from existing folder into new folder. I error after executing the program. Please help me out

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    Re: PHP code to copy one folder into another folder

    First you make a directory then set a permission to copy the files. Take a example
    PHP Code:
    echo "done";

    function copydir($source,$destination)
    $oldumask = umask(0);
    mkdir($destination, 01777); // so you get the sticky bit set
    $dir_handle = @opendir($source) or die("Unable to open");
    while ($file = readdir($dir_handle))
    if($file!="." && $file!=".." && !is_dir("$source/$file"))
    In this code I made one SOURCE directory (have permission to read)and another is DESTINATION directory(have permission to write)
    It code filescreate is to be created in the same root directory where ADMIN resides. If you wish to copy filescreate inside another directory then you would have to make sure the directory has permission.

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    Re: PHP code to copy one folder into another folder

    $file = 'example.txt';
    $newfile = 'example.txt.bak';

    if (!copy($file, $newfile)) {
    echo "La copie $file du fichier a échoué...\n";
    I tried to copy a file from /tmp to /var/www/html.
    But i always get an permission denied (even after a chmod 0777 to the /var/www/html directory)

    After spending a lot of hours searching for my error, I found it.
    But not where I thought it....It was the turned on SELinux.
    (Fedora 15).So i do a echo 0 >/selinux/enforce and everything works perfect

    $from =\\'
    if (!@copy($from,$to)) {
    $errors= error_get_last();
    echo \\&quot;COPY ERROR: \\&quot;.$errors[\\'type\\'];
    echo \\&quot;&lt;br /&gt;\\\\n\\&quot;.$errors[\\'message\\'];
    } else {
    echo \\&quot;File copied from remote!\\&quot;;

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