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Thread: batch script to find a file

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    question batch script to find a file

    I need a batch script to find a files in directory and subdirectories and if the file doesn't exist, need to point the name of the folder in a seprate file.

    For example, I have folder and in that i have 200 subfolders. each subfolder has 2 files, a.txt and b.txt. Need a batch scipt to find a.txt in all subfolders, if any subdirectory is doesn't have the a.txt file, then it should display a name of folder in a seprate output file say output.txt.

    someone pls provide a solution

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    Re: batch script to find a file

    I am not sure about the exact script that can help you to find the files but there is a tool through which you can create a batch script and use it as you want. It is called as XBat 1.0.3. It is a free tool which can help you to create easy batch scripts for various purpose. It is a very easy to use software.

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