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Thread: Best Engine for game development

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    Best Engine for game development

    I have interest in game development. So I want know which are the engines which I can I learn. As I am a beginner, I think the engine which I should start with should be easy to learn. I know some of the game development engines but I am very confused to choose one of them. Some of them I know are UDK, XNA, and Source. Which is the best amongst them? Also suggest if you know any other which is better than these engines.

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    Re: Best Engine for game development

    Here I can suggest you based on what I experienced after some of these engines. If you want to learn UDK(Unreal development kit) and Source then probably you should not try XNA. XNA is also a good engine but its little complex. Most of the people like UDK because its comparatively little easy to learn. But I will suggest you to first learn basics of each engines and then select that suites as per your interest. If you want my opinion then I will suggest you UDK.

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    Re: Best Engine for game development

    You should give try to each engine at least once. And there is also another game development engine which is too good. Its Unity3d. I usually use this only. And there is one more engine which releases this month. It’s CryEngine 3 SDK. There was CryEngine 2 also which you can check on their official site You should keep exploring these engines. It will benefit you a lot. But my recommendation to you is, you should use XNA or Unity3d.

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    Re: Best Engine for game development

    I will suggest you the engine which easy to use and learn. It’s nothing but obviously UDK(Unreal development kit). You can get free tutorials for UDK which are very good and very helpful. Most of the companies like Capcom, Electronic Arts, Midway Games, Ubisoft, Sony, Disney and Sega all have used UDK to make many high end games. You can find video tutorials from YouTube. UDK is the most recommended game development engine used by most of the game developers.

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