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Thread: how to write asp .net application

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    how to write asp .net application

    hi! i want to develop an remote application in asp ,net 3.0. can you tell me some points where i need to concentrate while developing big applications or say website so that work better even if there are hell number of operations are performed on it. i am till now only develop static pages now i got a chance to show my creativity in dynamic ones. please help me i am desperately waiting for your suggestions and techniques for developing an application in

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    Re: how to write asp .net application

    It is an excellent habit to begin your project by creating at a Base Page and Base User Control classes and construct all your pages and user controls take over from them. The motive is that you will surely require writing some ordinary code to all or part of your web pages or may be user controls.
    For example, all pages of our project will have a title and ultimately some meta-tags. Adding a Page ID property and a method that retrieve the title and the meta-tags from a CMS i.e. content management system based on the Page ID will be surely easy using inheritance. The maintenance of the code will clearly simplest one. Another general scenario is the requirement show/hide element on a web page depending on a some state. Adding up a virtual method that is called by the OnPreRender event of the base class will compose the mechanism hide and seek of elements of the base centralized in one function or say procedure.

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    Re: how to write asp .net application

    One thing I want to make clear in your mind is to never forget to encapsulate session variables in your project. Session variables are normally used to store user specific data like his current log-id, log in time etc. while maintaining the particular web site session variables plays an important role. In software language sessions are nothing but a bunch or case of properties which can store any type of data. We just need to perform proper type casting for it. Type casting is nothing but a sub- method that come under the concept of un-boxing. I also want to tell you that don’t become so much creative while developing particular application by adding hell number of controls inside one control. At the same time never try to add every facility of feature you want to provide in a separate separate user controls. Try to keep that ratio as simple as possible.

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    Re: how to write asp .net application

    Always try to use events while developing connection between user control and container don’t use the common pattern that is by using properties. Normally containers make a communication with sessions when there is some event happens with control, because at the time of causing the event with user controls those events writs about that event in session variable. Events help us to trigger the related method to achieve desired things. While writing the business logic for your project always tries to write it in a code behind file instead of aspx file. Code behind file distinguishes your web sites look and feel from your business logic code. The advantage of this is it makes easy to find out bugs from your project.

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    Re: how to write asp .net application

    When you planned to use static variables in your project be aware of memory wastage. According to concepts of static variables in they remain in memory till the entire process finishes its work. And don’t lose an single chance to use caching in your project. Caching is nothing but storage of data which remains constant at the time of working of a application. Caching stores all kind of static data in cache of client side instead of fetching it from server side this will definitely helps you to improve tour performance of application. while cahing never cach data that frequently needs updates.for that type contents you have to write open connection architecture.

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